STEM Projects For Kids: 8 Ways To Build Big With Household Items

1. Building a Balloon-Powered Car

Kids can create a car that moves using a balloon's air pressure.

2. Making a Paper Plate Marble Run

Children can design a fun track for marbles using paper plates.

3. Crafting a Homemade Sundial

Kids can build a sundial to tell time using the sun's shadow.

4. Constructing a Rubber Band-Powered Boat

Children can make a boat that moves with rubber bands.

5. Building a Straw Rocket Launcher

Kids can create rockets and launch them using straws.

6. Creating a Simple Electromagnet

Children can make a magnet that turns on and off using electricity.

7. Designing a Popsicle Stick Bridge

Kids can build a bridge using popsicle sticks.

8. Crafting a Cardboard Box Maze

Children can design a maze using cardboard boxes.

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