9 Science Exhibition Working Models Ideas For Class 10

1. Hydroelectric Power Generator

Show how flowing water generates electricity, teaching about renewable energy.

2. Solar Oven

Cook using sunlight, demonstrating eco-friendly solar energy for everyday use.

3. Simple Electric Circuit

Display how electricity flows in a basic circuit, explaining electrical fundamentals.

4. Water Purification System

Clean water model using everyday items, emphasizing the importance of water purity.

5. Wind Turbine Generator

Generate electricity from wind, raising awareness about the potential of wind energy.

6. Volcano Eruption Model

Engaging volcano model simulating eruptions, explaining geological processes in a fun way.

7. Air Pollution Monitoring

Monitor air quality, showcasing the impact of pollutants and the need for clean air.

8. Magnetic Levitation Train

Model illustrating magnetic levitation for train propulsion, exploring innovative transportation.

9. Microscope Slide Projector

Project microscopic images, enhancing science education with a homemade projector.

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