8 Best SK Project Ideas in 2024

1. Smart Home Automation 

Develop an IoT-based smart home system with sensors and controls for enhanced automation

2. Knowledge Management Platform         

Create a collaborative platform for efficient knowledge sharing and management within organizations

3. Virtual Event Platform 

Build a virtual event platform with immersive features, catering to remote engagement and collaboration.


4. E-learning App with AI Tutor       

Design an AI-driven e-learning application providing personalized tutoring for enhanced educational experiences

5. Supply Chain Optimization  

Implement a comprehensive supply chain optimization system for streamlined logistics and inventory management

6. Health Monitoring Wearable  

Develop a wearable device with health sensors for real-time monitoring and personalized health insights.

7. Augmented Reality Shopping   

Create an augmented reality shopping experience integrating virtual try-ons and product visualization

8. Blockchain-Based Voting System    

Design a secure and transparent voting system using blockchain technology for trustworthy electoral processes

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