8 Best Biology Project Ideas in 2024

1.The Effects of Light Pollution on Bird Migration 

Analyze how artificial light affects bird behavior during migration.

2. Biodegradable Plastics and Microorganisms  

Investigate the degradation of biodegradable plastics by soil microorganisms.

3. Genetic Diversity in Endangered Species  

Assess genetic diversity in a vulnerable species and its implications for conservation.

4. Human Microbiome and Gut Health   

Explore the relationship between gut microbiota and human health.

5. Photosynthesis in Low-Light Environments  

Study how plants adapt to low-light conditions in various ecosystems.

6. Cancer Cell Metabolism  

Investigate the metabolic differences in cancer cells compared to healthy cells.

7. The Impact of Climate Change on Coral Reefs  

Examine the effects of rising temperatures and ocean acidity on coral reefs.

8. Evolutionary Adaptations in Extreme Environments  

Explore how organisms adapt to survive in extreme habitats.

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