8 Best AWS Project Ideas in 2024

1. Serverless Image Processing 

Utilize AWS Lambda and S3 to create a serverless image processing pipeline for resizing and optimizing images

2. Real-time Chat Application      

Build a scalable real-time chat app using AWS AppSync, DynamoDB, and Lambda for a seamless chat experience.

3. Predictive Analytics with SageMaker 

Implement a predictive analytics project using AWS SageMaker to analyze and forecast trends in datasets.


4. Serverless Data Warehousing     

Develop a serverless data warehousing solution using AWS Glue, Athena, and Redshift for efficient data analysis.

5. IoT-Based Smart Home System     

Create an IoT-based smart home system using AWS IoT Core, Lambda, and DynamoDB for home automation.

6. Voice-controlled Application  

Build a voice-controlled application using Amazon Lex and Polly for natural language processing and synthesis.

7. E-commerce Recommendation System  

Develop a personalized recommendation system for an e-commerce platform using Amazon Personalize and S3.

8. Blockchain-based Supply Chain   

Implement a transparent and secure supply chain using AWS Blockchain Templates for traceability and accountability

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