11+ Reasons Why Students Should Have Homework

Students Should Have Homework

All of us remember those days when we came from the school. And then we feel a burden about our homework obviously it was a burden as none of us was enjoying. The burden to complete it on time and then get free. Our teachers gave all of us homeworks on each and every happy moment. Doesn’t matter if it was summer vacation or New Year’s eve all we care about is our homework. Also, all our teachers care about is that students should have homework.

As you can already guess today we are going to talk about homework. We are going to see whether all that fun we have sacrificed is worth it or not. All of us keep writing in our notebooks till it is finished. None of us think about whether students should have homework or not. 

And this is today’s topic to check and analyze it. It is important as 93% of students from Fourth grade start getting homework. We will be seeing through the benefits and drawbacks of homework. At last concluding it with an amazing and proven conclusion. So stay with us and let us complete this journey.

Understanding The Concept Of Homework

Homework is the time a student spends to complete the work outside the class. Homework is in direct relation to the teachings of a class. Like we write some questions in the class and then in the afternoon we are learning the questions. The main purpose of homework is to keep the students in touch with the classwork.

It is natural that the effects of homework are always under debate. Some people say that it does not improve academic performance. It only creates stress and reduces the time for other activities. While others say that it improves the skill of slow learners. Also, it avoids wasting time and students should have homework .

 Benefits Of Homework In A Student’s Life 

Let us start this debate with a positive start. We all know our teachers have always done good for us. So, firstly we are going to start it with the benefits of homework and they are as:

  1. Homework Helps In Practising More

It is difficult for the beginners to develop a habit of practising. Through the way of homework new students can build a habit of practise. More and more practice leads to the path of perfection. It will make difficult concepts easier and put them in a position to edge over others.

  1. Additional Learning Time

Another aim that homework fulfils is additional learning time. A teacher teaches a certain topic in class and he wants the student to learn it. So he gives this task as homework to students. So it is another reason why students should have homework.

  1. Learning At Home

A teacher puts a lot of effort in conveying a certain topic to students. He wants the students to memorise it and create a long lasting impression on them. So, he assigns them this work as homework.

  1. Comfortable Work Environment

You can get most of someone when there are favourable conditions. Similarly many students do not feel comfortable in the classroom. So homework is given to them so they can work to their full ability. It is to assure a high productivity level.

  1. Feeling Of Self Dependency

When a student completes a task on his own he gains confidence. This self confidence creates a feeling of self dependency among them. Such confidence motivates him and he tries to push his limits and achieve the best.

  1. Preparation For Tests

A habit of practice develops through regular homeworks. The main motive to study hard is to do best in academics. The continuous practice leads to the good preparation of tests and a good score in exams. In this way homework helps in preparation of tests.

  1. Habit Of Critical Thinking

An ability of critical thinking develops when a person starts doing things on his own. By doing the homework himself the student starts thinking in new and creative ways. He starts to look at things in his own perspective which leads to new questions and observations. 

  1. Reduces Screen Time

We can easily see in our surroundings kids and children using mobiles. It is not a good thing as it has a negative impact on mental and physical health. So as to reduce the screen time of the students who have homework. It is necessary to ensure that they use their time in productive activities.

  1. Increases Parent Student Communication

Homework creates a bridge between the students and parents. Everyone is busy, parents are busy with their offices. So homework works as a bridge and ensures that parents and students share a bond via homework. As a study of around 30000 parents resulted in the fact that parents give 6.5 hours a week to their child for study.

  1. Assessment Of Understanding

Homework works as a tool for teachers to assess the understanding of students. He gives them homework. On the basis of homework he assesses how well he has conveyed the topic to students. Also, which student needs more attention can be noticed.

  1. Making Hard Work A Routine

It requires a definite hard work to complete homework on time. When homework is done regularly a habit of hard work is there. And a person with such a routine ensures his path to success. This is another reason why students should have homework regularly.

  1. Dealing With Problems On Their Own

Regular homeworks develops a problem solving ability in students. This skill is useful for them not only in school but throughout their life. There may be many situations when one has to deal with things on his own. From such a situation his own problem solving ability is going to help.

Drawbacks of Why Students Should Have Homework

After discussing the positive face of the homework now it is time to look at some of the major criticisms. Some of the drawbacks of homework are as following:

  1. Homework Reduces Playtime

Homeworks takes a lot of time. As per studies a US teen spends more than 15 hours per week on homework. It leaves no time for children to perform any kind of activity. So we can say homeworks consumes the time for playing. 

  1. Homework Is Main Reason For Stress And Anxiety

The increasing patients for stress and anxiety is mainly due to hectic homeworks. A study by Better Sleep Council reveals that the reason for 74% percent of students suffering from stress and anxiety is due to homework.

  1. Homework Discourages Student To Have Hobbies

It is quite obvious that not all of us are the same. We have different interests and different abilities. But a hurdle comes in the way of developing them is homework. Because it spares no time for anything.

  1. Homework Encourages Cheating

Homeworks is hectic and not everyone performs it themselves. It is very common that one student does the homework and the other three copy from it. If it is so then what is the importance of it?

  1. Promotes Social Inequality

Today homework’s requires a lot of material and not all of us are rich. In a school there are all types of students. Many poor students may not be able to perform those tasks which involve money. By this way it promotes social inequality among the children of same grade.

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Importance of  Homework On Daily Basis

In our schools homework is given to us on daily basis, let us discuss how it plays an important rule in student life:

  1. Increased Memorising Power

By revising things daily we do perform an exercise to our mind. It keeps our mind more fit and increases the memorising and catching power of it. It ultimately results in a great performance in academics and general life.

  1. Understanding Of Topics

Homework increases our understanding of topics. When firstly we read a topic we get a rough idea of when we do it again at home the rough picture clears. Then we get to know the actual meaning of the topic and the theme which it wants to convey.

  1. Feedback To Teachers

If we study regularly we can see that in which topic or subject we are facing difficulty. After assessing this we can talk to our teacher and tell him about this so he can put more attention to it.

  1. Self Learning Ability

When we study at home we do all this by ourselves. It develops a habit of self learning which means we stick to our schedule and learn things on our own. This habit helps you the most when you reach high school and college.

  1. Helpful In Exam

By doing homework regularly we come to know about our weaknesses. By addressing those weaknesses timely we can turn them down and can nourish yourself. After all this  at the time of exam there is not thing that can stop us from achieving what we deserve. 

  1. Teaches You Discipline

Homework teaches us discipline. It compels us to complete our things and perform tasks in a fixed schedule. It tells us how to stick around the clock and the importance of time in a student’s life. Also, it increases our speed as we have little time for numerous activities.

What Are The Effective Steps To Do Homework In Less Time ?

It does not matter what are the pros and cons of it. The thing that matters is how effectively we are doing it. Here we are listing a few steps to complete the steps in an effective way:

Step 1: Make A Plan For Your Homework

First of all make a plan and list the things for the day. Then arrange them in a sequence for performing them. Sequence can be subject wise, time or level of difficulty.

Step 2: Arrange Everything You Need

Now, look for the things that you are going to need for successfully implementing the plan. Arrange them in one place easily accessible while studying. So, as to ensure that while studying the flow is there.

Step 3: Find A Place With No Disturbance

Before starting look for a place with no disturbance and no interruption. Because continuous disturbance affects concentration and breaks the flow.

Step 4: Take Breaks Between Tasks 

While studying, take some breaks at regular intervals to ensure the mind stays fresh. Break can be  after completing a certain task or after a regular time interval.

Step 5: Reward Yourself

At the end when the homework is done make sure to reward yourself. It helps in motivating the students for the future sessions. After some time it can be some hours of studying.


As all of us were together throughout the discussion. We get to know that yes homework is a hectic and stressful thing. But if some improvements are there it can turn out to be a great method of effective study. So, we can say that students should have homework but in a scientific and reasonable way. If some changes are not implemented now it can be a main reason for mental sickness of many students. So I will like to end my topic by suggesting that all teachers should look into their homework policies.

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