Veterinarian: Salary Of A Veterinarian In United States

Salary Of A Veterinarian

Whenever we visit a professional we are always curious about how much they make. For instance when we go to tuition we try to calculate the revenue by counting students and combining it with per head fees. Yesterday, I went to a veterinarian and tried to estimate his income but I couldn’t. Because I was not aware of any trend or any kind about it. Sp, today we will discuss and analyse the salary of a veterinarian. From the point of view of the general public and also from the point of view of those pursuing it as a career. We will be discussing salary in the different phases of career. Also there will be a quick glance at the average salary of a veterinarian in the different states of the United States. And before concluding it we will be telling you different options to opt for as a veterinarian.

Duties Of A Veterinarian

Veterinarian is a medical professional that is responsible for curing the injuries and sickness of animals with the help of a number of medical equipment and medications. A veterinarian plays numerous roles and some of his duties are as:

1. Diagnosing And Treating Animals

Similar to humans, professionals perform many physical exams, review medical history and medical tests to find out the reason behind illness of an animal. These tests include X-Ray, Blood test and other diagnostic tests.

2. Educating Pet Owners

Veterinarians perform the function of educating the pet owners and the society about animals. They educate society about how to behave with animals and how to give basic treatment to animals/pets.

3. Monitoring Spread Of Disease

Veterinarians are the gatekeepers that are responsible for monitoring such diseases which can be transmitted to humans from animals. They are the first to check and make society aware about such diseases. 

4. Provide Emergency Care

In case of any injury or any serious condition of animals it is the role of the veterinarian to attend it and to make sure that everything is good and every essential is provided to it.

 5. Advising On Animal Welfare 

Such professionals are responsible for advising the government and other responsible authorities on any kind of animal abuse or cruelty. They advise the government on notifying or denotifying animals as extinct ones.

Average Salary Of A Veterinarian

  • On The Basis Of Experience

On the basis of experience salary of a veterinarian there can be 5 classes of veterinarians and they are as following:

1. Fresher: Experience Less Than 1 Year

Salary of a veterinarian having experience less than 1 year or as a fresher can be around $89000 annually. Salary comprises base salary, bonus, profit sharing and commission. Base salary for a fresher is around $65000, bonus ranges between $2000 to $21000. Profits are about $3000 and commission can be $4000 to $40000.

2. Experience Of Less Than 5 Years

Salary of a veterinarian in his early career including base salary of $70000, bonus of $3000, commission between $4000 and $15000 and a profit sharing of around $7000 to $31000 and these components totals to an average of $94000. 

3. Experience More Than 5 Years But Less Than 10

Base salary of a veterinarian having more than 5 years of experience ranges from $75,000 to $100K. Bonus can be from $5000 to $39000. Profits and commissions range commonly between $20000 to $45000. In last totalling to $100K. 

4. Experience More Than 10 Years But Less Than 20

Salary of a veterinarian in his late career he makes around $102000. This total comes up by adding base salary of $83000, bonus of $5000, commission around $4000 and profits of $9000.

5. Experience Of More Than 20 Years

Lately in the career after gaining experience of more than 20 years the average salary of a veterinarian is $106600. It comprises base salary around $85000, bonus around $7000, commission of $5000 and at last profit sharing of $9000.

Top 10 States: Average Salary In United States

We have made a study of the average salary of veterinarians and here are the Top 10 states of United States offering highest salary:

Sr. No.StatesAverage Salary
3.District of Columbia$108,657
4.New Jersey$108,657
7.New York$108,657
9.Rhode Island$108,657

 Average Salaries Of Professions Similar To Veterinary 

The chart below depicts a comparison of the salary of a veterinarian with professions similar to it.

7 Qualities To Become A Good Veterinarian

After getting qualified as a veterinarian there are some qualities that one should possess. These skills ensure that you get a good job with a good paycheck. These are some skills that are essential to a veterinarian:

1. Staying Calm In Every Situation

Veterinarians are generally facing emergencies on a routine. Emergencies may have serious conditions and high pressure so a vet should stay calm in every situation. It is very critical quality and if the vet doesn’t have it the animal can bite and scratch you.

2. Effective And Persuasive Communication Skills

Pet owners are very close to their pets. There may be situations which are unpleasant to the pet owners and conveying their outcomes is a difficult task. So it is essential that the information is conveyed to the owner effectively. Also the should be able to convince the owner for risky and costly treatments.

3. Positivity

It can be possible that in spite of putting in all the effort the outcome is unpleasant. Many times the vet may feel low and unmotivated towards his job. So it should be necessary that a veterinarian should be able to stay positive and enthusiastic about his job. Such an attitude can help you to stay professional and care for animals in pain.

4. Emotional Intelligence

Having a soft heart for animals is essential for a veterinarian. One should have a high level of emotional intelligence for recognizing and responding to the emotions of the animal suffering. Also kindness towards pet owners is an integral part of a vet’s job.

5. Good Physical And Mental Stamina

All medical professions with good financial rewards and similarly a veterinarian’s job does. But a vet’s job includes a hectic schedule as he has to attend emergencies anytime. It leads to imbalance in the work life balance. So a vet should have good physical and mental stamina.

6. High Tolerating Power

A veterinarian should have high tolerating power as there may be many situations which can involve blood, vomiting and other unhygienic and unpleasant things. There can be serious situations in which you have to handle animals with serious injuries. So, a vet should have good tolerating power.

7. Flexibility

The last but not the least quality is that a vet should be flexible and adaptable to situations. There can be many situations of unpredictable cases and unexpected emergencies. Therefore you should be able to work in different shifts and with different priorities.

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Which Gender Prefers To Be A Veterinarian?

Both males, females and transgenders work as a Veterinarian. But let us look at the gender breakdown for veterinarians.

What Are The Career Options After Becoming A Veterinarian?

Now we will be discussing some career options for a veterinarian. You can select any of them based on your interests and experiences. Following are the career options available:

  • Teaching
  1. Undergraduate Teaching Faculty
  2. Veterinary Technology Faculty
  3. Veterinary Teaching Hospital Faculty
  • Management
  1. Corporate Veterinary Practice
  2. Consultation For Livestock
  • Medical Practice
  1. Private Practice
  2. Large Animal Practice
  3. House Call Practice
  4. Relief Veterinarian
  • Writing/Publishing
  1. Veterinary Publishing Companies
  2. Writing Independent Journals
  • Research
  1. Conducting Industrial Research
  2. USDA Agriculture Research Service
  1. University-Based Laboratories
  2. Industrial Laboratories
  3. National Veterinary Service Laboratories


There are a number of factors contributing to the average salary like industry, employer and experience. In the beginning salaries are modest but experienced and specialised veterinarians demand higher incomes, making it an attractive field with good money for those who are willing to choose it as a career option having a passion for animal health and welfare.

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