100+ Best International Relations Research Topics in 2024

International Relations Research Topics

Are you looking for international relations research topics? Here in this article, we have discussed the best international relations research topics. International Relations (IR) is a dynamic and broad field that studies how countries, foreign organizations, and other world players interact. 

The study of international relations is becoming increasingly important as the world becomes more linked. It helps people understand how complicated global politics, economics, security, and diplomacy are. 

We can look at, criticize, and suggest solutions to the most critical problems in the international arena through the lens of each study topic. To know more information about international relations research topics, keep reading this full article below:

What Are the Best International Relations Research Topics?

Here are some of the best international relations research topics are given below:

The Art of Diplomacy and International Policy

1.  How communication can help settle disagreements.

2.  We are looking at how cultural diplomacy affects relationships between countries.

3.  How useful soft power is for changing foreign policy?

4.  Looking at what embassies do in today’s world of communication.

5.  The effect that social media has on international ties.

Controlling the World

6.  Checking to see how well foreign groups work to support global governance.

7.  What the UN face and what its future holds in the 21st century.

8.  What part do regional groups play in running the world?

9.  What globalization means for state rights.

10.  Analyzing the role of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in world governance.

Safety Around the World

11.  Cybersecurity and what it means for the safety of the whole world.

12.  What nuclear weapons can do to keep the world safe?

13.  Looking at the idea of “human security.”

14.  What climate change means for foreign safety.

15.  Terrorism and ways to fight it in the current world.

Getting Rid of Conflicts

16.  What mediation does it do to help settle foreign disputes?

17.  Looking at what went well and what didn’t in peacekeeping efforts.

18.  Race and ethnic strife and how they affect relationships between countries.

19.  The part that economics plays in solving conflicts.

20.  What happens to host countries and foreign relations when refugees come?

How the Economy Works

21.  There are trade wars and how they affect ties between countries.

22.  What part do international financial institutions play in the growth of economies?

23.  What does globalization mean for wage inequality?

24.  The rise of economic nationalism and what it means for people.

25.  What part do multinational corporations play in making economic rules around the world?

For Human Rights

26.  In war zones, people’s rights are broken.

27.  What international law does to protect human rights.

28.  What effect do humanitarian actions have on the independence of states?

29.  Problems with gender in foreign relations.

30.  The rights of people who are refugees or have been forced to move.

Studies of the Region

31.  Challenges and changes in the European Union.

32.  How the war in the Middle East works.

33.  The African Union and how it helps keep things stable in the area.

34.  The Asia-Pacific region’s political and economic ties.

35.  How past events have affected politics in Latin America today.

Issues With the Environment

36.  How working together with other countries can help fight climate change.

37.  Degradation of the environment and how it affects safety around the world.

38.  The politics of taking care of natural resources.

39.   Sustainable growth is the way countries interact with each other.

40.  How natural refugees change the way people move around the world.

Communication and the Media

41.  About how the media affects how people feel about global problems.

42.  Propaganda and how it affects relationships between countries.

43.  How social media affects governments around the world.

44.  How public communication affects how people around the world see things.

45.  How journalists should act when they report on foreign conflicts.

Technology and Getting Along with Other Countries

46.  What part does artificial intelligence play in making foreign policy?

47.  Cyber fighting and what it means for the safety of states.

48.  The moral issues that come up with new military tools.

49.  What social media has done to political movements?

50.  How technology helps diplomats talk to each other.

Moving and Diaspora

51.  What happens to the economies of host countries when people move there?

52.  What part do diaspora groups play in world relations?

53.  The difficulties of integrating immigrants into communities that take them in.

54.  What brain loss means for politics.

55.  What part do remittances play in the economy of other countries?

Historical Points of View

56.  How events in the past have affected foreign relations today.

57.  How colonialism changed the balance of power around the world.

58.  Diplomacy during the Cold War and how it affected the world today.

59.  How remembering the past can lead to foreign conflicts.

60.  Learn from past peace deals and how they still apply today.

Religion and the Way Countries Get Along

61.  What does religion have to do with making foreign policy?

62.  Extremism is based on religion and how it affects safety around the world.

63.  Interfaith conversation and how it can help settle disagreements.

64.  The place where human rights and faiths meet.

65.  What faith groups can do to help keep the peace.

Diplomacy Based on Culture and Soft Power

66.  How movies and pop culture affect how people around the world think.

67.  About sports diplomacy and how it can help improve ties between countries.

68.  How writing can help people from different cultures understand each other.

69.  What songs can do to change political forces?

70.  Diplomacy through food and how it affects ties between countries.

World Health

71.  How foreign groups can help deal with health crises around the world.

72.  What do pandemics do to the relationships between countries?

73.  Everyone has the right to access health care.

74.  Vaccinations and the politics of health security around the world.

75.  What NGOs can do to help with world health projects?

Spreading Nuclear Weapons

76.  The problems with getting rid of nuclear weapons.

77.  The International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) job.

78. North Korea’s nuclear program and what it means for safety in the area.

79.  How the Iran Nuclear Deal has changed ties between countries.

80.  The morals of keeping nuclear weapons away.

Maritime Safety

81.  What the politics are behind maritime conflicts?

82.  What pirates do and how it affects trade between countries.

83.  The part ships play in keeping the seas safe.

84.  The dispute in the South China Sea and what it means for the area’s stability.

85.  How important the Arctic is from a strategic point of view in foreign relations.

Helping Others in Need

86.  The morality of helping people in need.

87.  The idea of “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P).

88.  What foreign groups should do in times of humanitarian crisis?

89.  What effect do humanitarian actions have on the independence of states?

90.  Lessons learned from past efforts to help people in need.

Trade and Growth Between Countries

91.  How trade deals affect countries that are still growing.

92.  How foreign aid can help with growth?

93.  How to make sustainable growth work in a world that is becoming more connected.

94.  What part do international groups play in fighting poverty?

95.  What global economic strategies do to make income inequality worse?

Rules for Space

96.  The politics and economics of exploring space.

97.  The use of weapons in space and what that means for world safety.

98.  Space research is done by people from all over the world.

99.  How space technology can help solve problems around the world.

100. The management of things in space.

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What Are the Benefits of International Relations Research Topics?

Here are some of the best benefits of international relations topics are given below:

  1. Better Understanding of Global Problems: People can learn more about complicated global problems by doing research in international relations. 
  1. Expertise in Research Methodologies: Students are better prepared for future research if they know how to collect, analyze, and understand data using research methodologies.
  1. Promoting Diplomatic and Cross-Cultural Understanding: A lot of the time, studying different cultures, histories, and political systems is part of international relations research.
  1. Getting Better at Research: Doing research makes you better at collecting, analyzing, and making sense of facts. 
  1. Engaging People in Conversation and Discuss: International Relations research topics encourage scholars, policymakers, and the public to talk and discuss with each other. 

How to Choose the Best International Relations Research Topics?

Here are some of the best ways to choose the best international relations project research topics are given below:

  • Do Preliminary Research: Do a short literature study to see what is already known about the subject you have chosen. 
  • Think About What is Possible and What is Important: Figure out what is possible with your chosen topic by looking at the tools you have access to, how easy it is to get data, and how much time you have.
  • Find Your Hobbies and Interests: Start by reading about parts of IR that really interest you. 
  • Think About Ethical Issues: When you’re collecting data, keeping participants privacy, and designing your study, you should think about ethical issues.
  • Think about Global Impact: Pick a subject that could have an effect on people all over the world, or that deals with problems that affect people in more than one country.

Conclusion (International Relations Research Topics)

Here in this article, we have discussed 100+ best international relations research topics in 2024 that research topics will help you to find your ideal research topic and also help you to learn and explore more new things about the field. Researchers learn how to think critically, become more aware of the world around them, and help make policy choices that are based on good information. 

Researchers help people from different cultures understand each other, promote peace, and work together to solve important global problems by studying issues that affect everyone. For more interesting topics like this, visit our website Wholeplantdirect.com and follow us for more future updates.

FAQs for International Relations Research Topics

Who Invented International Relations?

The creation of the Woodrow Wilson Chair of International Politics at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, in 1919 was a major step toward making international relations a real field of study.

What Topics Do International Relations Students Study?

Economics, Politics and Government, Explaining Society, Public Policy, Business Behaviours, Global Conflicts, Global Security, Environmental Sustainability, etc.

What Are the Main Issues of International Relations?

Some of the things that are talked about are what starts wars, how race and ethnic minorities affect international relations, how population changes affect foreign policies, and how nationalism, imperialism, and colonialism affect the world.

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