91+ Best DNP Project Ideas in 2024

DNP Project Ideas

Are you looking for the DNP project ideas? Here in this article, we have discussed the best DNP project ideas that will help you to find your ideal project idea. The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program is the highest level of education for advanced nursing practice. It gives students the information and skills they need to make big changes in healthcare.

The finishing of a DNP project is one of the most important parts of the program. This project introduces what the students have learned and gives them a chance to use evidence-based practice to solve real-world healthcare problems.

To know more about DNP project ideas and other information about the topic, keep reading this article below:

What are the Best DNP Project Ideas?

Here are some of the best DNP project ideas are given below:

Clinical Practice (DNP Project Ideas)

1.  An Analysis of the Effects of Telehealth in Primary Care Settings

2.  Improving the Management of Pain in Pediatric Oncology Patients

3.  Increasing the range of duties of nurse practitioners in rural areas

4.  Being the Best at Wound Care in Long-Term Care Facilities

5.  Cutting Down on Heart Failure Patients’ Returns to the Hospital

6.  Making a Healthcare Facility Friendly for People with Dementia

7.  Improving Teenagers’ Mental Health through School-Based Interventions

8.  Creating a Standardized Method for Teaching About Diabetes in Community Clinics

Improving Prenatal Care for High-Risk Groups (DNP Project Ideas)

9.  Adding Complementary Therapies to End-of-Life Care

10.  Ideas for a DNP project on health policy and advocacy

11.  Looking at How Nurse Practitioner Autonomy Laws Affect Access to Health Care

12.  Looking at How Well Medicaid Expansion Works for Health Outcomes

13.  Fighting for Equal Coverage of Mental Health Care in Insurance

14.  Looking at the Effects of Mandatory Vaccines on Diseases That Can Be Prevented

15.  Looking at how Safe Injection Sites for Opioid Users Can Be Used

16.  Fixing Health Care Inequalities in Underserved Areas

17.  Working for healthcare policies that include LGBTQ+ people

18.  Looking at How Gun Control Laws at the State Level Affect Public Health

19.  A Look at How the Affordable Care Act Affects Health Equity

Health Education (DNP Project Ideas)

20.  An Analysis of How Well Simulation-Based Learning Helps Nursing Students

21.  Creating a Course on Cultural Competence for Health Care Workers

22.  Improving Education Among Health Care Professionals

23.  Looking at how nurse residency programs affect new nurses who have just graduated

24.  Building a Nurses’ Self-Care and Wellness Program

25.  Looking at the Pros and Cons of Mindfulness Training for Healthcare Professionals

26.  Encouraging Nursing Informatics Skills in Nursing Education

27.  Creating a Training Program for Nurses on Substance Use Disorders

28.  Taking a look at the part nurse practitioners play in preceptorship programs

29.  Setting up a mentoring program for new nurse leaders

Improve Quality and Keep Patients Safe (DNP Project Ideas)

30.  Getting Rid of Medication Mistakes in Acute Care Settings

31.  Increasing Compliance with Hand Hygiene in Healthcare Facilities

32.  Improving How Healthcare Teams Talk to Each Other

33.  Putting in Place a Program to Prevent Falls in Geriatric Care

34.  Improving the Assessment and Management of Pain in Pediatric Patients

35.  Getting rid of hospital-acquired infections by teaching and following rules

36.  Encouraging Client-Centered Care in Oncology Settings

37.  Improving Documentation Practices for Thorough Reporting of Data

38.  Improving the Triage Processes in the Emergency Room

39.  Improving Planning for Discharge and Transitions of Care

Roles in Advanced Practice (DNP Project Ideas)

40.  Setting up diabetes clinics led by nurse practitioners

41.  An Analysis of the Effects of Clinical Nurse Specialists in Critical Care

42.  Improving the Role of Nurse Anesthetists in Pain Management

43.  Improving Midwifery Care for Pregnancies with Low Risk

44.  An Analysis of How Well Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners Handle Crisis Situations

45.  Family nurse practitioner services should be promoted in primary care

46.  Building leadership programs led by nurse executives

47.  Looking at the Part of Nurse Informaticists in Setting Up Electronic Health Records

48.  Improving Strategies for Student Success for Nurse Educators

49.  Encouraging Nurse Researchers to Take Part in Evidence-Based Practice

Public Health and Global Health (DNP Project Ideas)

50.  Looking at how public health campaigns affect the number of people who get vaccinated

51.  Improving the preparedness of vulnerable groups for disasters

52.  Encouraging Sanitation and Water Projects in Developing Countries

53.  Looking at how health education can help stop vector-borne diseases

54.  Providing Better Nutrition and Food Safety in Low-Income Areas

55.  Creating Health Programs for Mothers and Children in Places with Few Resources

56.  Looking at the Effects of Health Screenings for Refugees

57.  Improving mental health care for people who have been through a disaster

58.  Getting people in high-risk areas to learn about safe sexuality

59.  Looking at how anti-smoking campaigns affect the number of people who smoke

Technology and Health Informatics (DNP Project Ideas)

60.  Putting in place telemedicine programs for rural areas

61.  Building a Mobile Health App for Self-Management of Diabetes

62.  Improving the Interoperability of Electronic Health Records (EHR)”

63.  Making Clinical Decision Support Systems Better for Nurses

64.  Looking at how wearable health devices affect how well patients do

65.  Encouraging Healthcare Systems to Take Security Steps

66.  Creating an EHR interface that is easy for nurses to use

67.  Looking at the Pros and Cons of Using AI in Medical Diagnosis

68.  Implementing EHR to Improve Medication Reconciliation

69.  Making the Most of Telehealth Services for Mental Health Care

Nursing Administration and Leadership (DNP Project Ideas)

70.  Putting Shared Governance Models to Work in Healthcare Facilities

71.  An Analysis of the Effects of Magnet Recognition on Nursing Excellence

72.  Creating a Plan for the Nursing Workforce in Healthcare Facilities

73.  Encouraging Nurse Retention with Employee Engagement Programs

74.  Improving Quality Improvement Initiatives Led by Nurses

75.  Improving Nurse Scheduling Practices for Better Work-Life Balance

76.  Looking at how different nurse managers lead and how that affects staff happiness

77.  Looking at how nursing staffing ratios affect how well patients do

78  Creating a program for new nursing graduates to live and work as nurses

79.  Encouraging Nursing Leaders to Make Ethical Choices

Gerontology and Care for the Elderly (DNP Project Ideas)

80.  Putting Geriatric Assessment Programs to Use in Primary Care

81.  Creating Training for Caregivers in Dementia Care

82.  Improvements to Hospice End-of-Life Care Services

83.  Looking at how exercise programs for older adults work

84.  Improving How Older People Take Their Medicines

85.  Supporting programs that help seniors age in place

86.  Looking at the Effects of Strategies for Preventing Falls in Nursing Homes

87.  Looking at the Pros and Cons of Telehealth for Older Patients

88.  Improving Health Care Providers’ Gerontological Nursing Skills

89.  Creating programs to help older people plan ahead for their care

90.  Some ideas for DNP projects in mental health and psychiatric nursing

91.  Working to stop suicide in communities and schools

92.  Making crisis intervention services better for people with mental health problems

93.  An Analysis of the Impact of Mental Health First Aid Training

94.  Improving PTSD and mental health care for veterans

95.  Making healthcare settings use trauma-informed care practices

96.  Building Mental Health Programs for Children and Teenagers

97.  Looking at the Pros and Cons of Telepsychiatry for Outlying Areas

98.  Encouraging Treatment for Substance Use Disorders in Prisons

99.  Looking into how art and music therapy can help mental health

100.  Making psychiatric nurses more culturally competent

Emergency and Trauma Care (DNP Project Ideas)

101.  Starting a Training Program for Pediatric Trauma Care

102.  Putting together a rapid response team for medical emergencies

103.  Getting the most out of triage protocols for mass casualty incidents

104.  Getting better pre-hospital care for trauma patients

105.  An Analysis of the Effects of Simulation Training in Trauma Centers

106.  Helping Schools and Communities Get Ready for Emergencies

107.  Looking at the Pros and Cons of Teletriage in Emergency Medical Services

108.  Looking at Trauma Registry Data to Make Things Better

109.  Improving Health Care Providers’ Trauma Nursing Skills

110.  Encouraging Families and Patients to Take Part in Trauma Unit Care

111.  Ideas for a DNP project on obstetrics and sexual health for women

112.  Improving Care During Pregnancy for Women at High-Risk

113.  Improving Support for Breastfeeding in Maternity Units

114.  Improving programs that teach pregnant women before they get pregnant

115.  Looking at the Effects of Care Led by Midwives During Labor and Delivery

116.  Creating a Program to Screen for Postpartum Depression

117.  Analyzing the Pros and Cons of Access to Contraceptive Programs

118.  Raising awareness of and preventing fetal alcohol spectrum disorders

119.  Taking a look at how doula services affect birth outcomes

120.  Getting better nursing care for women with gynecological cancers

121.  Using screenings for domestic violence in women’s health clinics

Pediatrics or Child Health (DNP Project Ideas)

122.  Improving the Care of Children in Pain in Emergency Rooms

123.  Encouraging childhood immunization in areas with low vaccination rates

124.  An Analysis of the Effects of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners in Primary Care

125.  Starting a Health Promotion Program in Schools

126.  Improving Interventions for Child and Adolescent Obesity

127.  Creating an Initiative for Screening for Mental Health in Children

128.  Looking at the Pros and Cons of School Nurse Services in Education

129.  Encouraging child safety through programs that stop injuries

130.  Looking at the Impact of Pediatric Telemetry Monitoring

131.  Improving Health Care Providers’ Pediatric Nursing Skills

Cardiovascular Nursing (DNP Project Ideas)

132.  How to Make Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs Better for Heart Patients

133.  Improving the Management of High Blood Pressure in Primary Care

134.  Getting people in underserved areas to live heart-healthy lives

135.  Looking at the Effects of Cardiovascular Nurse Practitioners on Heart Care

136.  Creating a Program to Teach Patients About Heart Failure

137.  Looking at the Pros and Cons of Telecardiology Services

138.  Starting an Education and Prevention Campaign for Strokes

139.  Improving Awareness and Detection of Atrial Fibrillation

140.  Looking at the Impact of Nurse-Assisted Heart Telemonitoring

141.  Helping Healthcare Providers Get Better at Cardiovascular Nursing

Surgery and Perioperative Nursing (DNP Project Ideas)

142.  Improving handoff protocols during surgery for surgical patients

143.  Improving the Prevention of Surgical Site Infections in Healthcare Facilities

144.  Encouraging Better Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Protocols

145.  Taking a look at how surgical nurse practitioners affect surgical care

146.  Creating a Program to Teach Surgical Patients

147.  Looking at the Pros and Cons of Coordinating Care Before and During Surgery

148.  Starting an Initiative to Manage Postoperative Pain

149.  Encouraging the Best Practices for Sterilizing Surgical Instruments

150.  Looking at the Results of Programs to Improve the Quality of Surgery

151.  Improving Health Care Providers’ Perioperative Nursing Skills

Nursing Informatics (DNP Project Ideas)

152.  Creating a Tool to Test Nursing Informatics Skills

153.  Getting health information exchange (HIE) going in healthcare

154.  Looking at the Effects of Adding an EHR System to Nursing Practice

155.  Improving Nurses’ Use of Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS)

156.  Using EHR best practices to improve nursing documentation

157.  Looking at the Pros and Cons of Mobile Health (mHealth) Apps for Nurses

158.  Starting a program to teach staff nursing informatics

159.  Getting more nurses to use telehealth and telemedicine

160.  An Analysis of the Impact of Big Data Analytics on Nursing

161.  Improving Health Care Providers’ Nursing Informatics Skills

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What are the Benefits of DNP Project Ideas?

Here are some of the best benefits of DNP project ideas are given below:

  • Dealing with Real-Life Nursing Issues: DNP project ideas help nursing students and nurses in the field find and fix important clinical issues or gaps in practice.
  • Putting Research Evidence Into Practice: DNP project ideas urge nurses to use research evidence in their daily work.
  • Getting Better at Leadership and Project Management: DNP project ideas give you the chance to get better at leadership and project management, which are important for moving up in the nursing field.
  • Promoting New Ideas and Changes in Healthcare: DNP project ideas can help bring about new ideas and changes in healthcare settings.
  • Improving Professional Growth and Job Advancement: DNP project ideas help nurses improve their professional growth and move up in their careers.
  • Dream Achievements: DNP projects help you to get your medical achievements and make you feel proud of yourself.

What is a DNP?

DNP is in the field of medicine and nursing. In this field, students learn about medical science and nursing, and the DNP full form is the doctor of nursing practice. The other is the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Nursing, which focuses more on research.


Here in this article, we have discussed 91+ best DNP project ideas that project ideas will help you to do your best in your academics and future as well, and due to these project ideas, you learn and explore many more new things about the DNP. Ideas for DNP projects are helpful for nursing professionals because they help them deal with real-life clinical problems, put study evidence into practice, and help healthcare move forward. For more interesting topics like this, visit our website Wholeplantdirect.com, and follow us for more future updates.

FAQs for DNP Project Ideas

Who Invented the DNP?

The first Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program opened at the University of Kentucky in 1988. Today, many nursing schools offer this degree.

Does DNP have a Bright Future?

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degrees will be around for a long time.

What is the Full Form of DNP?

The full form of DNP is Doctor of Nursing Practice.

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