11+ Surprising Benefits Of Online Classes And Problems With It

Benefits Of Online Classes

Few years back no one was aware of the fact that our parents would be asking us to check phones and look at it. It was only due to the breakout of COVID-19. Nothing was operational at the time nor offices nor schools. But with the purpose of teaching schools used the way of online classes. Schools were conducting online classes through Google Meet and Zoom Calls. It continued for around three years. Some of us were enjoying online classes while some were complaining. People in support were pointing out the benefits of online classes. But there are problems too. In this article we will be discussing both of them. Also before coming to the end we will be doing a comparative study of online and online classes. So, let us start and analyse it in all dimensions. 

Need Of Online Classes: Future Of Learning

Before jumping on the benefits of online classes we will see why it is the new normal. Also the analysts are considering it as the future of learning and it will be clear by following points:

1. Budget Constraint

Colleges and universities have budget problems. For conducting offline classes infrastructure is required and maintaining them requires a lot of funds. In online classes the expenses are only for setting up online classes and paying the teachers. Also online class are also less expensive for students as they do not have to spend on travelling, rent and others. So, as a solution to all these problems online classes are there.

2. Global Classroom

In offline classes there are boundaries to learning but online classes extend it across the globe. In offline learning you can learn only from the local institutions and only those things that are taught there. Also if you want to learn something from abroad you have to fly there and that costs a lot. Online classes have come into play as it enables you to learn anything from anywhere anytime.

3. Decreases number of students dropping out

Many students have to sacrifice their studies because of their jobs or other reasons. Because they cannot go to classes they have to stop studying. But online classes enable them to work and study as well. Thus, online classes help in decreasing the number of students from dropping out.

4. Multiple Number of Courses

Offline institutions offer a few courses. Most institutions offer field specific courses. Also students can pursue only a single course at a time as you have to attend class, give tests and exams. But due to online classes the scenario is completely changed. A single platform offers multiple courses from multiple fields. For students it has become easier for them to continue two courses at a time.

11+ Surprising Benefits Of Online Classes In 2023

There are many benefits of online classes. We will be studying them by classifying them according to their beneficiaries. They are:

A. Benefits For Students

Online classes are student centric and following are the benefits of online classes to students:

1. Work while you study

There are many students who leave their studies in between to work. It can be due to financial reasons or any other reason. But online classes have given such students an opportunity to continue their study. Because it is not possible for everyone to take a break from work and to finish their studies. For instance studies reveal that 50 to 75 percent of Americans live on salary to salary. It means that if they take a break it will become difficult for them to have bread.

2. Flexibility

Today we all are very busy between work, family and social responsibility. It leaves no time for attending classes. In such a situation many people turn to online classes due to flexibility. Virtual classes allow you to learn things from anytime anywhere at your convenience. 

3. Reduced Educational Costs

Getting education is one of the most costly things after health expenses. It costs a lot if you want to study well. But with the introduction of online classes it has become cheaper to educate yourself. Because of the expenses savings in travelling and also in the college fees. It may be possible that your employer may be willing to pay for your fees if your study helps him in his business,

4. Offers to gain practical knowledge

In offline classes students only get theoretical knowledge. For having a practical understanding of things he has to wait for his studies to complete. While online classes make you gain practical knowledge as you study. It helps you in career advancement as it saves years by allowing you to learn and  work at the same time.

5. Increased Concentration

Offline classes give the teachers the power to decide the learning ways for the students. But all of us have different and different abilities. Online classes provide us with an opportunity to understand and learn things as per our own ability. It allows students to learn and study from home which creates a comfort zone for them and increases their concentration. Increase in concentration helps in memorising things easily and saves time for them.

6. Improves communication skills

A written communication is a must skill nowadays. Online classes leave you only with the email to communicate with your tutors. It increases the students ability to communicate in a written and formal manner. It will help them in the future in offices all communication is done via mails. Also a written communication boosts the morale of the employees.

7.Enhanced time management skills

Effective online classes require consistency. It means you have to manage your work and classes effectively. Doing this on a routine basis makes it a habit. Online classes need planning in order to complete the assignments on time you have to plan properly. Knowing how to plan things for the future will help you in the long term.

B. Benefits For Schools

After studying the benefits to the students it is time to see the benefits of online classes to the institutions. They are as following:

1. Reduced Costs 

For running offline classes institutions require a lot of infrastructure. This includes buildings, seating facilities, water, electricity and other things. It costs heavy out flow of funds resulting in high fees. But online classes require less funds as only arrangement for broadcasting and tutors payment is the only outflow. So operational costs are reduced in online classes.

2. Increases area of operations

When operating offline the reach of an institution is up to certain cities or regions. When these institutes opt for online classes they become global institutions. Students from different countries are a part of it and teachers from various places are working for it. So with the online classes opportunities not only for students but for institutes are also there.

3. Immediate Feedback

In offline classes there is always a time gap between the exams and the results. Students have to keep waiting till the result comes. It wastes time. On the other hand when exams are online  results come immediately and there is no delay. Also it analyses and provides suggestions to the students for improvement. 

4. Allows solutions 24*7

When teaching is offline and the students go and then a doubt arises he has to wait for the next time for class. It creates a hurdle in the study and takes a lot of time. Online classes are live and also available after it as they are recorded. They can be reached anytime around the clock and solution to a query or a doubt is escalated quickly.

5. Promotes Smart Work

The field of online class is still evolving and it will continue to evolve forever. Because new technology is being introduced every day. With every improvement the ease for online classes will increase which will lead to working more smartly. It will help in personalising study material as per needs. It will make the sessions more engaging and thus help the teacher in conducting an effective class.

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Problems With Online Classes

Although there are many benefits of online classes for both the students and schools still there are problems with. They are as:

1. Computer Literacy

For conducting an online class effectively both the teacher and the students require minimum computer knowledge. By minimum knowledge we mean using search engines, video conferencing, mailing and writing assignments, presentations etc. it can be resolved by providing technical support to both the teacher and the students.

2. Lack of personal attention

All of us are social animals and the internet has promoted isolation. Online classes are conducted over the internet and online classes involve many students. Due to many students the teacher may not be able to give personal attention to everyone. One solution to this problem is to create small groups and attend them.

3. Lack of discipline

It is a common problem that after some time online classes are boring. It demotivates them and they start skipping the classes. Also many times teachers also lack some tool to make a class interesting which leads to lack of interaction for the teachers too. This major problem can be resolved by using whiteboards, project videos, quizzes etc. They can also establish strict discipline policies. Also by allowing students to break between classes to refresh themselves.

4. Acceptance by teachers

Some teachers prefer traditional methods of teaching. Because they think online classes lack some basic things like a disciplined environment, personal interaction etc. This situation can be avoided. It can be done by providing training to teachers. Also by increasing their digital literacy. Also the institutions can establish feedback policy to hear from the teachers. Communicate and establish clear guidelines for online classes.

5. Managing Screen Time

Students using mobiles,laptops is always a matter of concern for the teachers and parents. But due to online classes it has become difficult for them to limit the use of phones and manage their screen time. It can lead to health issues like continuous headache and eye problems. 

Which Is More Effective Online Class Or Offline Class?

In the current scenario both the online and offline classes are operating. There are a number of differences between them and they are as following:

Basis Online ClassesOffline Classes
1. Aims toOnline classes aim at personal growth and development.Offline classes focus on eradicating competition.
2. DisciplineOnline classes need discipline to timely complete the syllabus. Offline classes need less discipline.
3. CostOnline classes are more cost effective for both students and schools.Offline classes involve high costs like infrastructural maintenance and fees for students.
4. FlexibilityOnlines classes offer a very flexible schedule.Offline classes schedules are rigid.
5. Area of operationOnline classes work across the globe and operate across the borders.Institutions operating offline have a limited and local operational area.
6. Gaining Practical KnowledgeYou can gain practical knowledge while studying and taking classes.Offline classes allow you to gain practical knowledge after academics.

Effectiveness of a thing depends on how you take it. Both the methods are effective but it relies upon the circumstances and abilities of the person. So before reaching any conclusion do consider personal traits.


All of us have different personalities and so we have different learning styles too. The current online learning system has many problems as it is evolving now. But it lies upon once personal strengths and weaknesses. He should see whether online classes are good for him or not.

Online classes can be the right choice. Only if you are self motivated and other benefits of online classes. But if you need personal interaction you should opt offline classes.

It offers you to continue your studies without any conflict with your work. It helps you to create a life balance. So before making any decision in between offline and online class he should clearly know what are his goals and reasons for doing so.

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